New 4-Hour Masterclass Reveals How To Breakthrough From Chronic Back Pain In 30 Days Without Addictive Painkillers Or Bank-Breaking Surgery
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The Next 'BACK PAIN REHAB KICK-START' Masterclass Starts On Saturday 13th November: 
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Registration Ends Fri 5th Oct At 10PM EST.
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Challenge The Status Quo

Will you challenge what you believe is possible for you? Step up to the challenge today. 

Time: Sat 13th Nov, 10am EST To 3pm EST

4 Hour Zoom Masterclass

Get immersed in the process and ask questions

This Masterclass Is For

Chronic Back Pain Sufferers

Whether you have had pain for months or years, this class will level you up.

Final Result

Confidence And A Roadmap To Recovery

You'll Stop Worrying About Your Recovery & Immediately Be Able To Put Your Rehab Plan Into Action

Recover From Chronic Back Pain: Implementing An Effective Rehab Plan So You Can Be Pain Free, Lose Weight And Set Yourself Up To Enjoy Life Again

In this free 4-Hour Masterclass, we’re giving you:

 Practical, hands-on exercises to help you get your rehab plan DONE quickly and effectively. 
 Behind-the-scenes access into our process as we collaborate, generate ideas, and problem solve together on real sufferers cases. Watching the process and being involved will give you all the tools you need to tackle Chronic Back Pain fast.
 Interactive sessions that walk you through creating an effective rehab plan, the right exercises, diet, nutrition and accountability.

Here's a sneak peak at what you'll discover inside the Back Pain Rehab Kick-Start Masterclass

Session 1

Understanding The Recovery Matrix And How To Effectively Set Back Pain Rehabilitation Goals
(10am - 11am EST)

 In session 1, Justin will let you in on the secret structure we use as part of every recovery plan. We will also set goals together as to where we want to be and what we would like to achieve.

Session 2

The "RA" Method To Put Your Recovery On Autopilot: You'll Learn All The Best Physical Stretches And Exercises For Fighting Back Pain
(11am - 12pm EST)

 We’ll walk you through the science of physical recovery, to make sure you’re targeting the RIGHT muscles with the RIGHT stretches and exercises.

Optional Q&A Lunch Break

(12pm - 1pm EST)

Session 3

The Mental Game Of Pain: Tricks And Strategies To Banish Pain Related Stress And Depression
(1pm - 2pm EST)

 You'll learn the science behind why your brain is most likely trapped in pain prison as well as effective strategies to banish pain.

Session 4

8 Easy & Simple Hacks To Implement Today To Fight Hopelessness And Feelings Of Doubt Caused By Back Pain
(2pm - 2.30pm EST)

 You'll discover 8 easy and effective hacks you can implement today at any time to deal with the taboo and little talked about topics of pain related stress and hopelessness.

Session 5

The Single Most Important Thing You Must Do To Make Sure Your Rehab And Recovery From Pain Is Sustainable And Effective For The Long Term (Stay Pain Free For Life)
(2.30pm - 3pm EST)

 We will dive deep together and make sure you have a roadmap and system mapped out that will serve you in your own journey. You'll have confidence and clarity on what you need to do for your recovery from Chronic Back Pain.

Q&A And Finish: 3pm EST

Bonus #1 - 4 Interactive & Printable Workbooks
The Back Pain Rehab Masterclass 4 Workbooks
Total Value: $37.00
When you attend the Back Pain Rehab Masterclass, I’m going to give you 5 interactive workbooks for each session so you can retain what you learn. 

Stop Worrying About Your Recovery & Immediately Be Able To Put Your Recovery Plan Into Action.

Get This For FREE When You Reserve Your Spot Today!
Bonus #2 - The Back Pain Rehab Private Facebook Community
The Back Pain Rehab Private Facebook Community
Total Value: $37.00
Bonus #3 - How To Make A Video Go Viral
The next bonus... lifetime access to 5+ hours of live weekly coaching  on all things back pain recovery + Q&A in our Facebook Private Community.

You'll be able to get support from other chronic back pain sufferers and get encouragement when you need it you'll stop feeling alone in your recovery journey & have a support network of likeminded individuals to call upon.

Get This For FREE When You Reserve Your Spot Today!
Here’s Everything You Get TODAY FREE When You Reserve Your Place

 The Back Pain Rehab 4-Hour Virtual Masterclass ($97.00 Value)

  • 5 Hours Of Interactive Virtual Coaching + Question And Answer Time (come and go as you please)
  • You'll Gain An Unfair Insight The Recovery Journey Of a 5 Year Chronic Back Pain Sufferer
  • ​You'll Leave Confident, Knowing Exactly What Your Recovery Plan Should And Shouldn't Include

 The Back Pain Rehab Masterclass 4 Workbooks ($37.00 Value)

  • 5 Custom Interactive & Printable Workbooks For Each Session & Masterclass Topic
  • You'll Be Able To Follow Along And Engage: Helps Retain What You Learn
  • You'll Stop Worrying About Your Recovery & Immediately Be Able To Put Your Recovery Plan Into Action

 The Back Pain Rehab Facebook Private Group ($37.00 Value)

  • Lifetime Access To 5+ Hours Of Live Weekly Coaching From Justin On All Things Back Pain Recovery + Q&A
  • You'll Be Able To Get Support From Other Chronic Back Pain Sufferers And Get Encouragement When you Need It
  • You'll Stop Feeling Alone In Your Recovery Journey & Have A Support Network Of Likeminded Individuals

Total Value: $171.00

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Meet Your Presenter - Justin O'Neill Who'll Guide You Through The Masterclass

After being diagnosed with 2 herniated discs in the lumbar region, sciatica, kyphoscoliosis and sacroilitus as a 18 year old, chronic back pain hit Justin hard for several years.

After a 5 year journey of experimenting with a full spectrum of available treatments methods and retraining as a personal trainer, Justin has made it his mission to help others who experience chronic back pain to rehabilitate and get their lives back together.

You got questions? We have answers.

Below are answers to our most frequently asked questions

Is This Masterclass In-Person Or Virtual?
The masterclass is virtual and will be hosted over the Zoom platform. Attendees will also have access to a private Facebook group where the sessions will be streamed and the recordings posted.
How Will I Access The Masterclass?
A link to the Zoom meeting will emailed across to you with your provided email address in advance of the masterclass start - an additional running order and set of meeting links will be posted in the Facebook group.
Who Is This Masterclass For?
This masterclass is for anyone who is suffering from chronic back pain, has an open mind and is willing to learn to improve their situation. Those with the following conditions may find the masterclass helpful; muscle and ligament problems, disc problems; degenerative disc disease, ‘wear and tear arthritis’ ‘herniated disc’, facet (spinal joint) problems; facet ‘arthropathy’, ‘osteoarthritis’, spinal ‘stenosis’; ‘pinched / compressed nerves’, leg pain, pins and needles, ‘lumbago’ ‘sciatica’ ‘scoliosis’ ‘kyphosis’, spondylolysis/spondylolisthesis
Are The Sessions Live?
The sessions will be live and are not pre-recorded.
Who Is This Masterclass Not For?
This masterclass is not intended for and is not able to help those who are suffering from the following, compression fracture/acute trauma, progressive neurological deficit, infection/ discitis, malignancy, inflammatory disease, visceral referred pain e.g.: aortic aneurism / renal colic
Will I Have Access To The Recordings?
Session recordings will be published to the Facebook group as soon as possible after the masterclass is concluded for future access.
Will I Need To Be On Camera And Share My Story?
No! You will not be made to be on camera if you would like not to or be make to participate in any way at all should you not wish; you may be a silent observer if you like! We would love for you to have your camera turned on and able to participate in the sessions although this is not required. All stories/ shared information is kept strictly private.
Will There Be A Break?
There will be breaks intermittently dispersed across the day, you can get up and grab a coffee or use the restroom at any point. There will be 1 hour break for lunch between 12pm - 1pm EST where you may eat your lunch and participate in an Q+A session. 
Will I Need To Attend Every Session?
No! Life is busy and so you won't be expected to attend every session if you are not able too.. There will be an "open zoom room" policy so you can come and go as you please during the session times provided you are not disturbing the flow of the sessions.
Will I Get To Speak With Justin Directly?
Of course! There will be plenty of opportunity to ask questions during the sessions either in the chat box or on voice. 
How Will The Masterclasses Work?
The format will be a Zoom style meeting, 5 separate sessions with breaks in between as outlined on the masterclass itinerary in this page. Reminder emails with access links will be send to registrants as well as links posted in the masterclass Facebook group.
Why Is This Free?
Quite simply, to give you a great experience and leave you wanting more coaching. You will finish the day with a rehabilitation plan laid out, you can decided to implement that on your own with what you have learned and signposted resources or decide to learn more about how we can help you implement the plan.
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